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About Us

We are a Trading Company of Agricultural Commodity since 2018. Previously we traded and exported Agarwood Commodities. The countries we supply are most countries from the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. but due to limited natural resources and also limited export regulations from the Indonesian government, in 2022 we decided to switch commodities and work with production companies and local farmers on our island to be ready to compete in the global market. The commodity that we currently manage is Moringa Oleifera. this plant grows very well on our island.

We strive to build strong partnerships with producers for safe and quality Moringa raw materials which consumers can rely on. From the raw materials we provide, we implement proper production and distribution line management and always prioritize high quality so as not to interfere with safety and health, so that our Moringa are ready for export and distribution throughout the world.

As is known, in addition to the health benefits that can be obtained by consuming Moringa, this plant has also helped our community in terms of the economy, especially for farmers on Madura Island. Previously, our local farmers only supplied Moringa leaves to Pharmaceutical Companies and domestic Factories outside Madura Island. But now with existences of PT. Alam Madura Berkah, we together with producer partners and local farmers are ready to work together independently to manage, produce, supply and distribute it throughout the world so that the whole world can feel the benefits of Moringa from our island.

Likewise, the benefits that will be obtained by our farmers are the biggest motivation for our company to be able to support and uplift the economy of the people on Madura Island and its surroundings, especially for farmers so that they can live more independently and prosper. So with that to create this prosperity we are looking for long-term partnerships with companies and organizations that are ready to grow with us and support the hundreds of farmers who stand behind us.

We offer premium quality service, after you order from our company, we will guide you throughout the ordering process and inform you of every work progress until the product reaches you. We also provide after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction and then work together in the long term.


To become a company that has a big impact on the economic growth of the community and the surrounding area


  • Improve the economic welfare of the community from the agricultural sector
  • Develop quality agricultural products and have international competitiveness,
  • Building a sustainable agribusiness industry ecosystem,
  • – Customer satisfaction oriented for long term relationship


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