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Our Products

Moringa Dried Leaves

All the goodness of Moringa leaves in its original dried leaves form. These dried leaves actually contain more nutrients than fresh ones, as the nutrients are more concentrated after the drying process

Moringa Dried Tea Cut

This is a traditional and easy way to enjoy moringa herbal tea without losing its benefits, add lemon zest and of course honey to complete your healthy day.

Moringa Powder

The goodness of Moringa in powder form is the easiest way to consume it. You can sprinkle it over salads and other raw foods or make it into juices to drink, and there are many other ways you can be creative.

Moringa Seeds

Due to the anti-inflammatory effects in Moringa leaves, Moringa seeds are the best source of iron in this plant. Moringa seeds also contain flavonoids and vitamin C which are useful as antioxidants that your body needs. The antioxidant properties in Moringa seeds can help boost the immune system in your body.

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