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We are Providing a Miracle from Tiny Leaves

So many benefits are provided by this small leaf, especially the benefits for health. it is one of the many plants that contain lots of essential amino acids and is rich in vitamins A B C D E K, macro & micro minerals, high in antioxidants and beneficial phytochemicals. Never before has a plant with such complete nutrition been found. it is appropriate if this plant is also called a Miracle Tree, Magic Tree, or SuperFood

About Us

PT Alam Madura Berkah (ALMAYRA) is headquartered on Madura Island, East Java, Indonesia. we are dedicated as exporters and marketers of natural and organic agricultural products. Currently, we are only focused on distributing Moringa products.
We are committed to providing high-quality Moringa raw material products that are ready to be supplied worldwide at a more affordable price.

24 Hours Service

Premium Quality

Ship Globally

After Sales Service

Reasonable Price

Why Our Moringa?

  • Our moringa goes through a sorting and storage process to provide the best export quality
  • – 100% Pure & Natural Moringa Oleifera
  • – USDA and EU Certified Organic
  • Free from contamination and heavy metals
  • Available in the form of dry leaves, powder and seeds
  • The prices we provide are very Reasonable and Competitive
  • Shipping worldwide
  • – By buying from us, you have helped the economy of hundred farmers in the Madura Island.
  • after sales service for long term relationship.


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Moringa Dried Leaves

Moringa leaves are dried using the typical Indonesian Organic Moringa method. Derived from 100% fresh Moringa leaves cultivated with organic rules. The processing of Indonesian Organic Moringa ensures the integrity of the High Nutrients contained in Moringa leaves.

Moringa Dried Tea Cut

Moringa tea is known as a magic tea in the world. As the name implies, this bright green tea has various miraculous properties that can be used for the health of the body.

Moringa Powder

Moringa Powder or Organic Moringa Leaves in powder form comes from 100% GENUINE MORINGA LEAF guaranteed organic because it is grown in gardens without the use of pesticides and hygienic processing methods without preservatives and dyes.

Moringa Seeds

Moringa seeds are round with a brown semi-permeable hull, have three white wings spreading from top to bottom with a diameter of 1 cm. Moringa seeds are generally only found in large Moringa trees, above 7 meters. Apart from being used as a beauty ingredient, the nutrients contained in Moringa seeds are proven to be able to overcome various diseases.

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